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AdvaHealth Solutions and Mach7 Technologies Announce Strategic Partnership

AdvaHealth Solutions and Mach7 Technologies are poised to reshape the future of healthcare together.

AdvaHealth Solutions, a next-generation software company that utilises web and cloud technology for DICOM management, workflow, and archiving, announced its strategic partnership with Mach7 Technologies, a company that specialises in innovative medical imaging and data management solutions for healthcare providers. The partnership combines AdvaHealth Solutions’ cloud-native AdvaPACS with Mach7’s eUnity zero-footprint enterprise diagnostic viewer, providing healthcare organisations with a complete end-to-end solution utilising cloud-native PACS together with a zero-footprint diagnostic viewing platform.

AdvaPACS, a cutting-edge cloud native PACS, enables medical imaging specialities to access cost-effective, highly scalable DICOM image storage technologies and smoothly transition to a full SaaS model while leveraging the storage and processing advantages of the cloud. The strength of the partnership between the two organisations enables a total solution for the client that will exceed expectations of performance, security, and cost effectiveness.

The alliance is focused on enabling healthcare organisations to transition towards the next generation of computing. Mach7 and AdvaHealth Solutions will continue to work on delivering interoperable diagnostic imaging solutions by bringing together AdvaHealth Solutions’ cloud healthcare technologies and Mach7 Technologies’ strategically-developed, market leading, enterprise diagnostic viewing innovations.

AdvaHealth Solutions and Mach7 Technologies make a terrific duo. As partners, we are utilizing the next-generation of computing and interoperability to enable a best-of-breed solution that is integrated to solve real world problems utilising a standards-based mentality. It is this deep synergy that helps turn our clients’ healthcare visions into reality – Alan McCarthy, CEO, AdvaHealth Solutions.

We are thrilled to partner with AdvaHealth Solutions. The combination of AdvaHealth’s cloud-native PACS and Mach7’s industry-leading enterprise diagnostic viewer creates a powerful integrated solution that enables healthcare organisations deliver the best possible care to patients across their medical imaging specialties. This is especially important in expanding the global reach of our products to the acute and ambulatory clinical care settings in the APAC and Oceania healthcare markets – Mike Lampron, CEO, Mach7 Technologies.

About AdvaHealth Solutions

AdvaHealth Solutions, a new-age software organization, is on a mission to lead transformative change in the medical imaging space with advanced web and cloud technology. Armed with a next-generation mindset and strong on-ground experience, the company aims to break new ground in solving real-world challenges for healthcare providers – leveraging tools that disrupt the legacy, on-premises PACS operating model, and unleash new-found levels of value, data durability, and scalability.

Founded in 2018 by visionaries leading imaging businesses for over 30 years, AdvaHealth Solutions has come a long way in its journey to revolutionize quality healthcare delivery, patient experience, healthcare accessibility, and costs – impacting millions of lives around the world with its breakthrough potential. For more information, see our website or follow us on LinkedIn (AdvaHealth Solutions).

About Mach7 Technologies

Mach7 Technologies (ASX:M7T), founded in 2007, is a medical imaging systems provider that develops innovative image management and viewing solutions for healthcare organizations. The core of these offerings is the Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Solution, encompassing Enterprise Data Management, Enterprise Diagnostic Viewing and Departmental Workflow applications. Mach7’s Enterprise Data Management solution, consisting of a powerful Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) and data administration tools, allows for the fast storage, access, retrieval and viewing of images across a healthcare network with connectivity to the Cloud. In July 2020, Mach7 acquired Client Outlook and the eUnity Enterprise Diagnostic Viewing technology to augment Mach7’s Enterprise Data Management and Departmental Workflow applications. eUnity is a zero-footprint, FDA-approved, image viewing solution that makes images accessible on any workstation. This offers healthcare professionals consolidated access to all patient images and data, ensuring clinical staff have timely access to the right information to diagnose and treat patients. Uniquely, the company also gives customers independence to deploy its solutions either on a component basis or in a unified comprehensive platform. With more than 150 customers across 15 different countries, Mach7 has built a global network of diverse customers that range from expansive Integrated Delivery Networks, National Health Systems, medical research facilities, and large academic medical institutions to regional community hospitals, private radiology practices, and independent provider groups. Visit