A next-generation software company that utilises web and cloud technology for DICOM management, workflow, and archiving.

We provide next-generation healthcare solutions that solve real-world problems for your healthcare operations.

Radiologist Worklist

Our solutions are integrated, standards based and vendor neutral; providing you with the ability to deeply integrate into your environment.

Software itself is only part of the equation. Success depends on effective change management in work processes and flows — we work with you to ensure success.

Our Solution

A fully-managed modern cloud-native PACS with Enterprise Imaging VNA capabilities, enables medical imaging specialists to produce diagnostic images of all sizes and types, providing a feature-rich and capital-light SaaS solution to streamline workflow, improve care, reduce costs, and scale flexibly.

Ideal for healthcare organisations that are looking for cloud-based production-ready PACS as well as disaster recovery or business continuity solutions.

Our Solution