AdvaHealth Solutions at PCR 2024

AdvaHealth Solutions at 76th Philippine College of Radiology Annual Convention 2024

The Philippine College of Radiology (PCR) Convention 2024 has come to a close, and we’re excited with the positive response we received for AdvaPACS!

One of the most memorable points raised during the conference was the challenge many faced being located in the provinces and how AdvaPACS could potentially bring an affordable yet high-quality PACS solution to medical facilities all across the Philippines. We are incredibly motivated by this prospect and remain dedicated to exploring avenues to make healthcare more accessible for everyone, regardless of location.

We want to express a heartfelt thank you to all who visited our booth, engaged in insightful conversations, and learned more about AdvaPACS. Check out some highlights from the event in the photos below!

Stay tuned for further updates on our continued commitment to improving healthcare accessibility in the regional areas through innovative imaging solutions like AdvaPACS.