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Smart, fast and secure

AdvaGateway is a powerful DICOM router that supports healthcare organisations that utilise medical imaging modalities/DICOM data.

Equipped with impressive functionality such as:

  • overcoming image transmission delays
  • DICOM tag transformation, compression and DICOM proxy
  • highly customisable routing rules

An effective standalone solution, or a powerful addition to other AdvaHealth Solutions products, AdvaGateway helps you meet the demands of modern-day medical imaging.

AdvaGateway Interface

Key features

  • DICOM Routing Rules

  • DICOM Compression

  • Tag Transformation

  • DICOM Proxy

  • Open API

  • Centralised Control

Key benefits

Advanced routing

  • Save time and effort with a high-powered DICOM routing engine
  • Tailor your experience with configurable routing rules
  • Priority-based queue functionality means your most important studies are sent first

Clever compression

  • Create flexible compression rules that work for your operations
  • Options for JPEG, JPEG-LS and JPEG2000 compression gives you more choice
  • Dramatically speed up the process from scanning to review, for better patient outcomes

Integration flexibility

  • Proxy C-Find, C-Move and Worklist queries to other devices, and transform the requests and responses dynamically
  • Create transform rules to modify DICOM tags of matching instances, for more accurate data.

Simple management

  • Enjoy easy control over AdvaGateway from a single web-based controller
  • Set granular permissions to limit user abilities, increasing your security and compliance
  • Sync users and roles to create clear accountability

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