Create a winning workflow


Create a winning workflow

AdvaPortal allows you to leverage your radiology resources to efficiently service healthcare operations that do not have an existing RIS system. AdvaPortal covers everything from patient entry, document capture, modality worklists and transmitting the DICOM study and order into your teleradiology system.

Benefits of using AdvaPortal include rapid customer on-boarding, low incremental costs, reduction in errors and increased customer satisfaction.

As a provider of teleradiology reporting services, AdvaPortal enables you to service customers that would previously require a lot of administrative effort to serve. AdvaPortal solves these problems while providing a seamless workflow for the teleradiology customers, and you as the teleradiology provider.

Key Features

  • DICOM Modality Worklist

    Your teleradiology customers can utilise the DICOM worklist on their modalities, populated directly from their AdvaPortal orders.

  • Image Transfer

    Your teleradiology customers can seamlessly transmit their studies from their modalities via the AdvaPortal Gateway to your PACS.

  • Patient Management

    Your customer can manage their patient records, eliminate data duplication and errors.

  • Report Distribution

    Your customer can automatically distribute reports to their referrers.

  • Label Printing

    Your customer can print visit labels directly from the AdvaPortal to supported label printers.

  • Document Upload

    Your customers can upload any documents related to the visit, such as a referral.

  • Custom Report Templates & Branding

    You can white-label the AdvaPortal to fit your brand. Your customers can also customise their report template with their own branding.

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